Studievereniging Icarus

Study association for philosophy at the VU

"Religion is the sign of the oppressed ... it is the opium of the people."

- Karl Marx

About Icarus

We are the 2021/2022 board of the philosophy study association Icarus! Our board is made up of the co-chairs, Marlies Janmaat and Jasmine Campbell, the trustee, Mya Thieme, and the secretary,Quinten Torre. We are very excited about being on the board this academic year and are passionate about ensuring Icarus stays a connected and fun community of philosophers. Even during this difficult period of time surrounding the pandemic we still hope to achieve this for our members. Our co-chair, Marlies, is in the second year of his philosophy bachelor at the VU. Marlies is from Alkmaar and lives at Uilenstede now. She loves to dance and sing, so keep an eye out for her at Icarus parties! Our co-chair, Jasmine, is in her third year of her philosophy bachelor at the VU. Jasmine lives with her cat (Pixie) and Mya in Amsterdam and works as a waitress. Our trustee, Mya, is also in her third year of her philosophy bachelor at the VU. Mya grew up in Ibiza and enjoys photography and mixing in her free time. Our secretary, Quinten, also studies philosophy at the VU. Quinten enjoys picnics, camping and all things in nature. For any questions or concerns for us about the board or Icarus in general please feel free to contacts us via:

board members picture
Our lovely board members of last year. (2021-2022)

Budget- and policyplan

Dear Icari, the board of 2021-'22 is proud to present our budget- and policy plan of this academic year! If you have any questions or remarks, feel free to tell is.

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Ph:   But Socrates, why would one reach for the sun and become an Icari as well?

So:   καλά αγαπητέ μου φίλ-

Ph:   Socrates, English please...

So:   Oh sorry Phaedrus. Joining Icarus is essential in your path for achieving true wisdom! Not only do you get meet new people and join great philosophy-events, you also get a discount on your study books so your membership will pay for itself!

Ph:   Wow, that's great Socrates! So how do i join?

So:   Well that’s easy. Just download this form, answer it truthfully and send it over to Then pay your yearly membership fee of 15,- euro to NL80 INGB 0004 3928 74 and you’re done!

Ph:   Your wisdom is enlightening Socrates. I’ll join right now!

Do you want to get the most out of your membership and get a discount on al your studybooks? Find more information here!

Safe Persons

The backbone of this community is the commitment of all its members to be respectful and caring towards each other. Although we all agree to these values, practicing them is not always easy.That is why we decided to institutionalise our values of support and respect more firmly and created the position of Safe Persons. These safe persons are Anastasia and Joris, two third year philosophy students and active members of Icarus. These are the people to whom you can go to solve quarrels and disagreements, and that help you when you don’t feel respected or even unsafe within the association. They are there to ensure Icarus stays a safe and welcoming space for all members. To contact the safe persons, mail them at or text or call them. Feel free to also approach them at Icarus events or in the SR!

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct will broadly outline what Icarus considers to be unacceptable behavior and the values we hold regarding it, appropriate punishment and its procedures when a breach in the Code of Conduct has taken place, the functioning and powers of the Safe Persons and the Board in enacting the Code of Conduct.




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